Sharpest Tool In The Shed

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Alec Baldwin Road Raging

Alec Baldwin has reportedly been arrested for assulting a man over a parking space. The actor denies the incident, but it just goes to show how road rage can make you look like a real asshole.

Via Inside Edition: Baldwin reportedly punched the man in the side of the face after he took a spot that the actor was waiting for."  The 49-year-old man was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

orlando brown on drugs

Not even Raven Simone saw this coming. Former Disney and child star Orlando Brown (That's So Raven, Family Matters, Major Payne) has had a slew of legal issues since 2016. It doesn't seem he's trending toward rehabilitation however, as he's recently been recorded presumably under the influence of hard drugs, again.

Afroman ko's female fan

This "Sharpest Tool In The Shed" award is backdated to February 2018, when Afroman (Colt 45, Because I Got High) knocked out a female fan on stage resulting in his subsequent arrest. We're all for respecting others personal bubble, but c'mon fam.