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MMA Podcast #4

MMA Podcast #3 - End of 2018 Outlook

Total Warrior Combat MMA Mixed Martial Arts Antonio Castillo Jr v.s. Taylor Moore Michigan Ohio

Taylor Moore v.s. Antonio Castillo Jr.

Saturday December 1, 2018 in Lansing Michigan

Antonio Castillo Jr. will step back into the cage after two professional boxing matches (1-1) and a Jiu-Jitsu Superfight (1-0). Castillio's last MMA fight saw him dominating Branden "Soku" Seyler for two rounds, before succumbing to a guillotine in the third. He'll look to get back on track against Michigan's Taylor Moore (9-4), in what should be a great fight for the Total Warrior Combat promotion.  

Other Notable Fights

Main Event: Charles "Felony" Bennett v.s. Zack Shaw

Co-Main: (HWT Title) Brett Martin v.s. Ryan Pokrykfy

Featured: Vince Murdock v.s. Justin King

Full Card

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Antonio Castillo Jr. V.s. James Brown WFC 87

 Check out this Video of The Mexican Muscle Antonio Castillo Jr. VS. James Brown at WFC 87 from May 19th, 2018 courtesy of WFC and Youtube.